Construct — Calibrate — Collaborate

A combination of data-scientists and machine-learning, our premium product will stream data from devices, and your own sources of data, to provide in-depth analyses.

Dynamic models will identify the ideal operating conditions, and predictive and prescriptive techniques will help you think ahead, to maximise service and profits.

Our models help:

  • Discover the best set-up for your operation.
  • Reveal the hidden cost of constraints.
  • Identify the true cost of non-conformant arrivals & departures.

The sorts of data that you might want to integrate:

  • Tariff tables
  • Product tables
  • Cost tables
  • Client records, addresses etc.
  • Asset records

CONTROL helps to:

  • Predictively orchestrate Site arrivals & departures to maximise utilisation.
  • Synchronise planned pick-ups and drop-offs to minimise transport cost.
  • Stabilise planning & operations to take out cost and reduce the risk of service failure.

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